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Jemima Durnford

Graphic Designer

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Hello! I’m Jemima, a Brighton based Graphic Designer. I have been working in the creative field since 2012 and currently work for a creative agency and enjoy taking on freelance projects alongside. From startup businesses to international corporations, I’ve been involved in a variety of print and digital campaigns designing; websites, motion graphics, emails, logos, infographics, banners, posters and more. Some of the clients I’ve worked with include; American Express, ISS and the Royal Colleges.


I understand the complexities of managing large campaigns and working with a number of clients and partners to meet objectives. As well as working with start-up/independent businesses, offering design advice and expertise along the way. I have an excellent eye-for-detail and can take creative through from concept to print-ready artwork.

Logo Design & Branding

Designing logos and creating digital and print collateral for new or refreshed brands.

Motion Graphics

Animating objects and text using Adobe After Effects to bring graphics to life. Plus editing video footage using Premiere Pro.

Web & email design

Designing customised websites with knowledge of WordPress and Wix, plus an understanding of email capabilities.


Creating engaging infographics to help bring data to life using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.


Retouching images to enhance/alter their appearance, working to match a context or brand style.


Attention to type and a love of all things letters with a keen interest in lettering and calligraphy.


Most projects consist of various stages; the brief is discussed, research and development commences and then design stages follow until a final design is approved, and various assets are delivered.


The Brief

To begin with we will discuss the requirements of the project to uncover your objectives, ideas, messaging, deliverables, formats, timeline, budget etc. Understanding the scope of the project and gaining clear insight will help ensure that targets are efficiently met and that the desired outcome is produced.


Research and Ideas

Once information has been gathered, depending on the project requirements, I can start looking at similar designs or brands that the creative will align with, to help influence and ensure that designs match the relevant sector if needed. Or follow brand guidelines to draw up an initial concept(s).



By discussing the initial designs and receiving feedback, I can then take a chosen design further and develop variations if required, or refine and develop the style. Development usually consists of up to five stages with changes and amendments applied until reaching a final approved design.


Artwork and Delivery

On design approval, I will artwork the creative which involves perfecting the design and setting it up for print and/or web purposes. Followed by outputting various formats needed such as eps, jpeg, pdf, mp4 and so on.

Environmental Footprint

I am passionate about helping the planet and will always aim to source printing companies with a ‘green’ ethos . Eco-friendly printers will use paper from sustainable tree plantations with chemical-free processing, aim to reduce or reuse waste and be conscious of energy consumption.

Jemima Durnford
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